Micro Loan Impact

Micro financing gives hardworking people the opportunity to move from dependence on aid to financial self-sustainability – empowering them to change their own lives and the lives of their children.

World wide, there are potentially millions of people that could improve their lives with micro financing. By deciding to help a hardworking entrepreneur you begin the cycle of sustainability – and give the ultimate gift of empowerment!

Donating to MicroKonnect loans allows you to contribute to a Christian micro finance program built on a reputation for integrity and success. By becoming a micro loan donor, you can break the cycle of poverty and turn it into a cycle of profitability. If you are interested in investing in hard-working individual’s intent on building better lives for themselves and their families, we encourage you to partner with MicroKonnect.

At MicroKonnect, we are constantly working to reach new countries and communities, with loans that better serve the needs of borrowers and their families.