Little Pink Houses For You & Me

After– Jordan, Silianese, Olrich

Our newest moto-taxi driver Olrich was so grateful for an opportunity we afforded him to provide in a whole new way for his young wife (Fafane) and 5 month old toddler (Olrichna) — he volunteered 2 days to paint one of our other micro-loan enterprises — the color pink. This brand new store is called Adelove’s Market — they sell rice, beans, school supplies, cold drinks and a lot more.   Best new market in Rampa! 


Olrich and family live in a shelter inside Croix de Bouquets. These shelters run $125 US per year. An yet without consistent employment, it is still very hard to provide for your family where jobs are extremely scarce. And that is why we created Micro Konnect. Olrich had taken a week off to be with his pregnant wife and he was fired. Olrich probably went 4 months without work. Now he is netting $4/day US which is twice the average in Haiti.

Our goal at Micro Konnect is to move people from Ouest department Haiti from poverty status to what is middle class in Haiti which is around $5000-$6000/yr US. We are well on our way with about 12-13 families where this has already happened or is happening.

Olrich had assistance from Val who is another person in similar situation to Olrich. Val is a prospective moto-taxi driver for us.  He also volunteered 2 days as well to paint alongside Olrich in hopes of proving himself worthy of a moto.  He has shown that he shows to be very trustworthy and a hard worker.  Great early signs with Val.

Jordan, Olrichna–Olrich’s Home

Olricha, Fafane and family, & Jordan

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