Hot Meals in Hot Haiti

Haiti just went through a very tumultuous month with decade-high rioting.  I tell people that Haiti lives on the precipice of rioting from being both poorly governed and poorly treated.  Where there is injustice there is instability.   Sometimes the rioting in Haiti is legitimate and sometimes it is not.

Below is a cool update one of our early on micro-loan recipients who’s added a few things available for purchase each week.

Nadine (Caniere Haiti) is now selling 25 plates of spaghetti every day!  Despite the normal heat predicted for this week in Croix de Bouquets — it is set to get their common temperatures in mid 90s, people like hot food like we do.

Nadine serving spaghetti in Croix de Bouquets Haiti

These meals are $2 US ($20 Haitian).

Nadine is the mother of our bi-lingual co-manager/field agent for MicroKonnect.  Their heart-breaking story as told to me is Jordan’s father left Nadine and his family of 6 and made a new family and left them as well and both families now struggle to eat daily.  I first made decision to start this micro-loan business in this area of Haiti  for this specific horrible situation.

For this week of Easter, they will sell more fish than normal. And here is a shot of that. But we are to sell fish every week as well.

Now Nadine’s so Jordan’s making a nice living managing all our businesses there and his mother is selling charcoal on the street and now adding these nice meals.  Often in Haiti ladies like this will follow construction sites and be there every day til they move onto a new location.

You can see above that Nadine loves to smile and loves have work to go to each day.  I was skeptical on how much she’d enjoy selling these things on the street each day, but she really does like it.

“Please don’t send us money; it only creates division.  But do send us business people who can create jobs for us that we can build ourselves up!”  (God Is At Work, p. 41).

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