Adelove’s Market — micro-enterprise

Today we are putting a new market into Rampa Haiti!

Silianese Isnadin — store owner Adelove’s Market

Micro Konnect co-founders – Rick & Kitty Radcliff met Silianese Isnadin (pictured on left) the first time on their 2nd medical mission trip to Haiti in 2012 and brought a rugged stroller down for Silianese’s special-needs son – Jean.

The following year the Radcliff’s swiped up Adelove off of the Child Sponsorships pages on Nehemiah Vision Ministries‘ website. They selected her her based on her raw beauty alone. They didn’t realize the prior connection they’d already made with Adelove’s mother with the stroller.

Adelove has since become the valedictorian of her school’s English summer camp and took 3rd place in the ministry pageant and in this shot below you can tell she’s becoming “the face of NVM” ministry.

This week Silianese (nicknamed “Anouz”) opened a market from this location in front of their home to cook and sell food, provide cool drinks and convenience store items like cooking oil, rice bags, and school supplies!  On the first day about 20 people were asking for cold drinks–before those were available.

$800 Market

The first $400 US of the micro-loan for Adelove’s Market was to put in store shelves.  Jordan brought two friends from Caniere to help him build the shelves in two days and paid his friends by purchasing meals for them during the construction.  Another $400 US was sent for food, drinks, ice, and a cooler to keep the drinks in.  $800 US total to start this market that we are planning for it to be “the nicest store in Rampa”.




Entire Isnadin family of seven

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